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New Single – GLORY BOUND

Available Soon – April 2021

New Album 

When I Hear Rhythm $ Blues

April 2020

The new album – ‘When I Hear Rhythm $ Blues’                         by Gavin Povey – Solo Piano and Voice, featuring six original compositions and four covers of Rhythm & Blues music

Now available on this website – CD €10 (plus €3 shipping) – Download €0.99 per track

Also available shortly for download on  most social media outlets such as – Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Akazoo, 7 Digital, 24-7, AWA and several others

The Artist,  a Piano  and Three Microphones

“Many of my Piano playing heroes cut solo albums, just featuring themselves on solo Piano and vocal. I figured it was time to stand-up and be counted!”

“I was inspired by having seen the BBC4 Arena documentary – American Epic – where the first recording machine in America was reconstructed and various artists were invited to record in the same method as in the earliest recordings of the 1920’s. That is, within the time it took to ‘cut’ a 10″ disc at 78 rpm.”

“However not having such a machine, I decided to pick up the gauntlet and parallel this method, by simply recording complete performances, of piano and voice,  each song from start to finish without the safety net that modern production techniques offer, save for a little reverb and compression after the performance was complete”

“I did allow myself the luxury of longer performances, but these are all still straight takes, live in the studio. In an age of media manipulation, I hope that the honesty of the performances will appeal to you, the listener”

Gavin Povey

Review from ‘Now Dig This’ magazine June 2020


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